Child Marriage: The World is Waking Up

Watch the video of an angry 11 year old who flee home to avoid forced marriage

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Approximately 14 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year. According to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), if present trends continue, 142 million girls will be married over the next decade. These facts and statistics are staggering. In a recent post, I highlighted the gross injustice and harmful effects that girls suffer as a result of this traditional practice.

Comprehending the issue of child marriage is overwhelming. The good news is:

The world is waking up to this injustice.

News stories, articles, television interviews and social media feeds have been flooded with one outcry:

Stop Child Marriage.

A recent change in Nigeria’s constitution, concerning the minimum age of marriage, has spurred on weeks of protests and controversy across the country. The Nigerian Feminist Forum responded immediately with a press release to explain the situation. On July 16, Nigerian Senators met to review a…

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“Imagine if children were allowed to express themselves on national radio.”

“Imagine if children were allowed to express themselves on national radio.”

37 of SA population are children only 2% of the voices of the youth are heard on the radio/ newspapers.

Policy makers are always speaking about what is and what isn’t good for children.

We know that children are victims of violence, abuse, etc but we never ask them how they feel about it.

Children have a way to express their views and needs.


How to get reading with your child

“Read this to me, please!” are the words we all love to hear from our children because they mean that they are interested in stories and books, and are on their way to becoming independent readers. But do you often wonder whether there are ways that you could improve your reading-to times with your children? There are no correct or incorrect ways to share books with a child, but here are some ideas you might like to try:

Choosing books. If you have lots of books to choose from or are at the library, let your children choose which books they want you to read. If you are helping them to choose books, suggest ones that suit their interests.

Timing is everything. Find a time when your children find it easy to settle. This might be after bath time or just before they go to sleep at nap time and/or at night.

Read together in bite-size chunks. Younger children find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time or when they are tired. If your children become restless or lose interest, stop reading and try again later or the next day. Remember you want to encourage them to develop an interest in stories and books, so don’t make it a chore!

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Helping My Son Sleep Through The Night

Super-protective Factor: Tales of Parenting by Connection

sleeping-boyMy nine year old son usually falls right asleep at night.  This has been such a blessing for me and quite contrary to his younger sister who likes to stay up late. On one particular night he was jumping out of bed, playing with balls and going into his sister’s room to do an art project.  Usually after the kids go to bed, I clean up the kitchen and tidy our home to prepare for the next morning.  I really wanted to get my nighttime chores done and not deal with my overactive son.  But I also knew that if he could release whatever was bothering him, he could probably fall right asleep.

So I went into his sister’s room and gently brought him into his own room.  He said he wanted milk to drink and I said, “No, not before bed.”  This made him really angry.  “I never get…

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Stopping Sibling Rivalry Through Playfulness

Super-protective Factor: Tales of Parenting by Connection

As most siblings do, my nine year old son and six year old daughter pester one hearts_wallpaper_stop-in-the-name-of-love_1920x1200another sometimes.  One day they were lying on the living room floor about an arm’s length away from one other.   My son started poking my daughter in the leg and she whined back at him, “Sto-o-o-o … o-o-o-o-p it”.  She refused to move or even deal with it, so she got stuck in her whining.

I thought, “OMG, here we go again.  Not now.”  I could see this was escalating, but I also knew that the sooner I could lay a blanket of connection over everyone, the sooner my children could be in touch with their caring, kind selves.  I recognized that I was in a pretty good place so why not just dive right in?

I decided to lay down in the middle of them to see if this little shift would change…

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