Nudity Stats on prime Time are just shocking

Yesterday I switched on my tv as I got back from work. It was just after 6;30. I was shocked to see a popular girl posing only in underwear in a certain show on SABC 1. I was shocked. I asked myself is she that desperate? Is SABC not aware that most children are watching this? A lot went through in my mind but frankly I was left with my jaw down and my eyes popping out as if I had seen a ghost.

This morning, while eating my breakfast I came through an article on Joy Magazine. It states : Nudity on TV is on the rise, and being seen by younger eyes than ever. Full nudity on TV shows rise by a whooping 403% yes 403. This happened during thr 2011-2012 seasons from previous season, according to the Parent Council’s Study.

The study found that the traditional “famili friendly” hours before 9pm are now showcasing nudity with greater frequency., with 70% of the nude scenes occurring in 2012 compared to 50% in 2011.

The numbers are even more stark when looking at more explicit “full frontal” nudity., with a 6300% increase!

Parents need to be vigilant in monitoring their children’s media.

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