Helping My Son Sleep Through The Night

Super-protective Factor: Tales of Parenting by Connection

sleeping-boyMy nine year old son usually falls right asleep at night.  This has been such a blessing for me and quite contrary to his younger sister who likes to stay up late. On one particular night he was jumping out of bed, playing with balls and going into his sister’s room to do an art project.  Usually after the kids go to bed, I clean up the kitchen and tidy our home to prepare for the next morning.  I really wanted to get my nighttime chores done and not deal with my overactive son.  But I also knew that if he could release whatever was bothering him, he could probably fall right asleep.

So I went into his sister’s room and gently brought him into his own room.  He said he wanted milk to drink and I said, “No, not before bed.”  This made him really angry.  “I never get…

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