Child Abuse on GenerationsZA

Child Abuse comes in many ways.

These days even parents are accomplices and they stand and look while their children are being abused. Why? I do not know!

There are many reasons why people let this go and sometimes they are not even aware that a child is being abused. Its because we live in a society where almost everything and anything that makes people talk is good publicity. Whether good or bad.

Yesterday I was watching Generations on SABC1. I saw that scene where the drunk Khethiwe fell asleep and the child was crying in the living room. At first I thought they were playing a recorded sound until I saw the child’s face. He was literally crying his lungs out and ingane ilenga amafinyila (with snot running down the nose) for the whole nation to see!

I am disgusted because I remembered it was not the first time this happened to this child. Last week it also happened that the child was crying and he was ignored! I could not help to realise that even his cot was not properly assembled, this was another risk on its own.

It is hard work for even an adult to be in front of cameras, imagine a child with strangers! And being left there to cry like that. Parents of that Mpilo boy must be ashamed of themselves subjecting their child to all of that for the love of money!

As for Generations, What you are doing is wrong! Resorting to child abuse in order to make your point heard. You could have used a recorded sound, and made that scene when the child was more calm and not crying. And please fix the cot properly before you put a child in it. So many children die in cots.


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