Children betrayed

Children betrayed

South Africa needs between 16000 and 66000 social workers.

I tweeted this and ccd one of my social worker friends. She replied “we are underpaid” This made me realise that one of the reasons we might be having this problem is because there are no proper incentives to attract young people to do Social Works. I know that Dpt of Social Development offers bursaries every year for matriculants to study Social Work. I would like to know what other incentives are there and what strategies is this department having in place to attract more young people to pursue Social Work as a degree. Those who get bursaries do they make it to final year? If not why? What resources are there in place in order to help those that have received bursaries to finish. I am a Student Development Advisor and in both the institutions I am responsible for I don’t not have a single student studying Social Work.

What measures are there to retain Social Workers and to motivate them?



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