Getting it Right for the Children

Take action Image

At the 4th Regional Inter-Agency Task Team (RIATT) held in Tanzania 29 September to 2nd October, 2008 the delegates from 19 East and Southern African countries recommended the following actions:

  1. Keep parents and children alive: early diagnosis and treatment  for babies, children, teenagers and parents – and ongoing care and support; as well as an urgent roll-out of programmes for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT).
  2. Strengthen the family as a unit of care with support that includes poverty alleviation, skills training for caregivers and children in life-skills providing effective ECD, and employing community healthcare workers.
  3. Increase effectiveness of services and funding through aligning all responses and improving co-ordination among all stakeholders. Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms should be strengthened and data collection should be improved, including all civil registration systems.
  4. Uphold human rights for ‘vulnerable’ children (including but not limited to those affected by HIV) in legislation, programmes and services. 

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